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Why BI Before Your Switch To A New Time & Billing software?

Posted by Carly Wilson on Fri, May 17, 2019

Why BI Before Your Switch To A New Time & Billing software?

by Carly Wilson / May 17, 2019

Many law firms are facing the daunting task to switch their time and billing software. While it may seem like a simple decision to hold off on any other upgrades, waiting to get a business intelligence (BI) tool will leave your firm in the dust. So why implement BI before your new time and billing system gets deployed? Not only did we discuss with some of our clients who chose to implement BI before their time and billing system, but we also share our thoughts and expertise from working in the industry on why BI should come before (or during) the time and billing software switch. This time we keep it simple with just 4 reasons:

          1. 4 Weeks vs 4 Years

          2. No Front End Changes

          3. The "BI system" That You Were Promised, Isn't Going to Cut it

          4. Your Firm & Lawyers Can't Afford to Wait 

business-people-calendar-cellphone-1187439Keep in mind these experiences are from our clients and expertise. While this is what BigSquare's BI typical implementation looks like, it may not be the same for some of the other vendors in the legal BI industry. Make sure to evaluate all options when choosing a BI solution for your law firm to ensure your new business intelligence application provides immediate ROI to your firm. 


1. 4 Weeks vs 4 Years

As you may (or may not) know, the process of switching to a new time and billing system is a monotonous task. Realistically, and with the many changes and sun-setting of products, the timeline currently falls somewhere between the 3-4 year mark. At BigSquare our BI implementation timeline looks quite a bit shorter than that, more like 4-6 weeks to get Attorney Analytics up and running.

We can't afford to wait that long to get the information to our firm and lawyers desktops. And with BigSquare as a vendor, we were able to get the BI application up and running in a month, why wait 4 years?
-Law firm CFO
2. No Front End Changes
At BigSquare our BI applications have no changes on the front end from one time and billing system to the other. Our out-of-the-box application looks exactly the same. While there are many features that allow one law firm to customize their view compared to another firm down the street, that view you ultimately choose would stay consistent on say Aderant vs Elite 3E. When Saul Ewing evaluated different legal BI vendors they said this aspect set BigSquare apart from the rest in the industry.
When the time comes that Enterprise is no longer supported with BigSquare we have the option to implement with whatever system we pick. BigSquare works with all time and billing systems, so the front end application that lawyers learned and know will not change at all.
-Saul Ewing
3. The "BI system" That You Were Promised, Isn't Going to Cut it

Leave the time and billing software to the companies who specialize in that and business intelligence to legal specific BI companies. If there are and continue to be companies that ONLY focus on business intelligence for law firms, there is probably a reason. While your time and billing system may "claim" to provide an additional BI tool for free, or at a significant discount what we've learned is that more than likely, its not going to cut it. Many firms after going through the process find out their new "business intelligence" tool isn't quite what they were looking for and ultimately chose BigSquare to fulfill their BI needs. But, don't take it from us....

In the middle of a transition from one time and billing platform to another, we were soon to approach our scheduled go-live and had no way of efficiently gathering data that had been so readily available to us in the past.  We discovered (rather late in the game) that our future system’s Business Intelligence offering was not going to meet our firm’s needs, so we began looking for a legal specific BI tool and BigSquare could do just that.

-150 Timekeeper Law Firm 

4. Your Firm & Lawyers Can't Afford to Wait 

If you can do something to keep yourself from falling into last place would you do it? The legal industry is changing and if your firm does not keep with the trends, you will quickly fall to the bottom and ultimately last place. We just sponsored and attended a legal BI and Analytics conference and the keynote speaker summed it up pretty well. 

Don’t be a dinosaur be an information age superhero.

Business intelligence applications are providing tremendous insight into the overall health of your firm, lawyers individual book's of business, clients, matters, etc. In order to stay competitive, your firm must adapt and provide this level of insight to your lawyers and administration. Still wondering if BI is right for you and if you need it before your go-live date for your time and billing system? This white paper tells you the 5 signs your law firm is ready for a BI solution.

Many law firms know it's time to upgrade their billing system and the journey can seem very daunting. Adding something else new, like a legal BI solution, may seem like it would put your firm over the edge, but it wont. As you can see from our experience, as well as our clients, it will do quite the opposite and help your firm in some areas it was previously lacking. 

 Get a Demo: See the BigSquare BI Platform in Action

BigSquare is the leading provider of Business Intelligence for law firms and professional service organizations.  We focus exclusively on law firm reporting, law firm BI, law firm profitability and law firm analytics.


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