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The ILTA’s 2021 Technology Survey: Is Tech Our Friend?

Posted by Samantha E. Whetstone on Thu, Dec 23, 2021

The ILTA’s 2021 Technology Survey: Is Tech Our Friend?

by Samantha E. Whetstone / December 23, 2021

New year blog

We are here, folks. One year after the COVID-19 vaccinations were released...

It’s almost the new year and we are feeling more inspired than ever after attending the 2021 COO and CFO Law Forum in New York. It was fabulous to see everyone in person again, finally– to network and listen to brilliant new ideas face-to-face after long months of COVID-19 isolation. We hope you all enjoyed our presentation on our business intelligence software and extensive services at Bigsquare, as much as we loved getting to hear all of your exciting new ideas. Check out the Thomas Reuters report on this exclusive event for more details. 

The ILTA’s 2021 Technology Survey

Thanks to the inspiration from the conference, we feel more confident than ever that BI software has a crucial role to play in the future of law firms. But that isn’t just our opinion, the ILTA’s 2021 Tech Survey was just released and it supports our firm belief that BI software can not only help you to save time, money, and resources, but also better serve your clients. 

“It’s not if, but when.”

--CEO Joy Heath RushAs CEO Joy Heath Rush states in the summary, “It’s not if, but when,” referring to the inevitable transition towards more and more technology in the law industry. And for many who might have been pushing off that technological leap, the pandemic forced their hands– leading to an especially interesting tech survey for this year. 

Tech Use is UP

Based on the results of the survey, there have been huge increases in tech use in the law industry. The pandemic drastically increased remote work and video meetings– both within the firm as well as with clients. Remote work also means more independence for individual employees which has a host of benefits, but also means an even greater need to ensure everyone is on the same page and data is being shared effectively.

This is where Bigsquare sees one of our key roles–to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working seamlessly together. The tech survey report also revealed that law firms are moving away from custom-developed in-house tech solutions with a drop from 26% to only 9% this year. Instead, firms are turning to legal-specific vendors, like BigSquare, to meet their needs.

We know the industry, and we make it our business to find the very best ways to hone technology to meet law industry-specific needs. And the survey shows that law firms are warming up to the idea of relying more on technology. 

Don’t Fear the Cloud

The cloud has been a huge issue of tension within law firms, with many hesitant to rely on a cloud-based system–until last year. The pandemic fueled work from home trend has made the cloud absolutely essential and we are now seeing cloud with every upgrade in 41% of firms and only 7% of firms still uncomfortable with the cloud.

Tapping into the cloud resources truly is an enormous benefit for the law industry, enabling the smooth sharing of information and data regardless of where an employee is located. Nonetheless, there is a reason why law firms have been resistant to the cloud. Concerns over security are understandable, and all the more reason to trust a reliable and robust program like BigSquare to ensure that your firm and your clients’ information remains secure and private at all times. 

All Your Tech Solutions in One Place

The ILTA’s tech survey clearly demonstrates that the law industry is relying more and more heavily on technology, and at BigSquare, we want to streamline all of those technology services to make the user experience as smooth and painless as possible. Tech advances shouldn’t make you feel bogged down and overwhelmed (as they often do), instead, they should fit into your workplace without disruptions and meet your firm's needs before you realize you have them.

Contact BigSquare today, to find out how we can make this a reality for your workplace!

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