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    If you follow our blog, you probably have had the chance to see either part one or two (or maybe both) of this technology trends blog series. If not, take a look at them on our blog spot . To wrap up these trends we are focusing on Changes in Billing, Smart Watches, CRM for Clients, and Online...

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    Did you get the chance to see our list of the top ten technology trends for 2018?  This is the second part of our three part series breaking down those trends, and explaining them a bit more in depth. The topics we will discuss today hit home to us because they are main components of BigSquare:...


    We shared the top 10 trends for the upcoming year in our last blog post, and decided to go more in depth on each. So, this is the first of our three part legal tech trends series. First up: Cyber Security, Mobility, and Movement to the Cloud.