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Top 10 Tech Trends: Part 3

Posted by Carly Wilson on Mon, Feb 12, 2018

Top 10 Tech Trends: Part 3

by Carly Wilson / February 12, 2018

If you follow our blog, you probably have had the chance to see either part one or two (or maybe both) of this technology trends blog series. If not, take a look at them on our blog spot . To wrap up these trends we are focusing on Changes in Billing, Smart Watches, CRM for Clients, and Online Communities & Social Media. All four topics help law firms and lawyers to make their daily lives easier and more efficient.


Changes in Billing

The main and most relevant trend, by far is mobility and the on-the-go professional lifestyle. With that comes changes in many aspects of our lives. The way we pay has definitely followed suit. Gone are the days of accepting only cash, checks or money orders. Clients pay with credit cards, mobile apps and online portals.

Even the billable hour has even begun to be questioned. Although the law industry is very much so based on tradition, to remain a key player in the industry, sometimes your firm must follow new methods. It is not the majority, but alternative billing methods have started to bring in new clientele, many of these included a mixture of fixed, flat, blended, or capped fees.


Smart Watches

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Smart watches are definitely not a trend that is specific to the legal industry, but are very popular with many working professionals, and something worth mentioning. These small devices are almost as powerful as a cell phone, allowing us to receive emails, phone calls, and messages right on our wrist. For someone who is on the go, or very busy, the ability to quickly see a snapshot of those notifications can be nice to filter through what is and what may not need your attention at that exact moment. Instead of constantly sorting through notifications to your phone or laptop, the most important and relevant information is not missed.


CRM for Clients

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has been around for years and is used by many different industries and businesses. It makes life much easier to keep all of your client’s information and interactions in one place and truly provides a better customer experience tailored to them. A better client relationship causes an increase in profit for the firm.  


Online Communities & Social Media

Deutsch_Juristen.jpgWith mobile and tech trends, comes social media and staying connected with peers. As we know, many industry professionals have started to connect online to share and update each other with the latest ideas and news. LinkedIn and other social platforms allow lawyers and other legal professionals the ability to connect from all over the world and share their thoughts. In 2018 with the rise of mobile trends, connecting with everyone on these platforms will be more relevant than ever. These tools also help lawyers and legal professionals reach a broad audience and accomplish branding and advertising as well as client development goals.


Every year, even quarter, or month, industries undergo changes. In the past few years digital transformation and mobility has drastically changed almost every industry out there, especially the tradition based legal sector. It is refreshing to see firms who are very slow to adopt new changes embracing digital trends. The few we mentioned above: changes in billing, smart watches, CRM, and social media finish out our full list of the 10 major trends that will impact the legal sector in 2018. This article gives an overview of the list if you wanted to see all ten trends. We noticed the ultimate goal of all these trends is to make life easier, more efficient and profitable, all things you would want to add to your firm.

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