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The Greatest Shift in Legal Technology

Posted by Carly Wilson on Fri, Aug 14, 2020

The Greatest Shift in Legal Technology

by Carly Wilson / August 14, 2020

We live in an age where instant access to information from anywhere, is the norm and a law firm shouldn’t be any different. The legal community, like many other industries has adapted and learned how to transition their work from the traditional office to their home over the past few months. Cloud technology has never been more relevant, and honestly vital to day to day operations!

As legal software platforms shift to the cloud, the benefits offer many key advantages. Law firms that manage their practices in the cloud benefit from items like: increased access to information, better collaboration, streamlined workflows that improve efficiency and productivity. These benefits and many others are not new, but the question that remains is: Why will it stick this time?


Work from anywhere anytime

legal BI softwareWorking from the cloud gives both attorneys and other law firm staff access to the most updated information from wherever they need it, whenever they need it. You don’t need specific remote login credentials or to call the office to ask someone to track down a file to scan and email. Instead, everyone gets their own access to what they need. With the path that 2020 has taken the world down, the ability to work anywhere is vital to your firm's success. Cloud software allows you to work with just WIFI, you can log in and access every detail just as you would if you were sitting in your office which helps ensure that you’re informed and able to do your best work at all times.


Clients want improved collaboration

Clients have and will continue to pressure their law firm for greater transparency and tighter collaboration. The level of collaboration that clients want can best be supported with cloud-based technology. Yes, clients once objected to law firm cloud adoption, but now are proactively asking for it. Firm's must adapt to the times and their clients needs.


The cloud features mirror on-prem options

For years law firms objected to the cloud because most on-premise software had far more robust features and functions. This allowed each firm to put their own spin on the application to personalize, customize, and configure the software to their liking. At the beginning cloud products couldn’t match this flexibility, but today, that’s no longer true.

It saves your firm money

The cost of keeping up a server has proved unmanageable for many firms, especially mid-size to smaller firms. And it's not just the server that needs to be kept current, additionally the operating systems, tools, and new releases can become a job in and of itself. The benefit with cloud offerings is that all upkeep (server and operating system) is often included in the price and no longer something that the firm has to do.

The greatest development in legal technology in recent years has been the shift from on-premise software to hosted cloud services. As firms shift to cloud-based software, they’re able to take advantage of seamless remote access, greater time savings, better collaboration, and significant long-term cost savings! There are too many benefits of moving to the cloud for law firms to ignore it any longer.


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