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    A very frequent emerging theme we see across law firms is recognizing “the business of law” instead of just the practice of law. Both technology and economics push law firms towards a clearer view of the bottom line, which has given a rise to new firm-wide initiatives more relevant to the...


    You may have had the chance to take a look at our latest whitepaper, The A-Z of Business Intelligence.We took the time to combine many terms and phrases in one place that are related or used with business intelligence (BI). Two of our favorites, dashboards and reporting, are main components of...


    If you follow our blog, you probably have had the chance to see either part one or two (or maybe both) of this technology trends blog series. If not, take a look at them on our blog spot . To wrap up these trends we are focusing on Changes in Billing, Smart Watches, CRM for Clients, and Online...

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