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New Year, New Technology- Legal Moves to the Cloud

Posted by Samantha E. Whetstone on Fri, Dec 11, 2020

New Year, New Technology- Legal Moves to the Cloud

by Samantha E. Whetstone / December 11, 2020

New Year, New Technology. We've seen major moves in the legal industry to cloud technology this year. Why? One of the changes brought on by the pandemic is a significant increase in the numbers of law firms operating remotely. Firms have accelerated a shift towards using cloud technology to help staff work together and deliver client needs to help benefit their businesses. In addition to keeping the firm running smoothly there are just too many other benefits of moving to the cloud for law firms to ignore the shift in the coming year.

To name a few, converting to predictable operating costs and the ability to access data anywhere, anytime are at the top of the list. In the next few years we predict that the vast majority of law firms will full-heartedly embrace the cloud, and legal surveys stats prove that to be accurate.

Law Firm BIIn our recent blog post we discuss the ILTA 2020 Technology Survey and one of the notable trends this year was cloud technology acceptance. Participants were asked how to describe their cloud philosophy and 21% reported that their firms were mostly in the cloud, 35% shared that their firms philosophy was to transition to the cloud with every software upgrade, and 33% shared that their firms were considering the cloud. These findings are very similar to the shift we have seen with our clients at BigSquare and increased interest in our business intelligence (BI) cloud solution over the traditional on-premise option. Our BI cloud offering is gaining quick popularity with many firms like Leech Tishman.

Read more here about their experience with a cloud BI solution and how it's helping their firm throughout these times.

Clients want improved collaboration with the firms they work with and the level of collaboration they want, especially given so much being done virtually now, is supported best with cloud technology. Not only collaboration, but clients want to see more efficient and effective ways to get things done. Many firms had already begun to use cloud technology prior to the pandemic with hosted email and document management systems. Both communication and collaboration tools are absolutely critical to a law firm success, and even more so with remote work.

Work from home has drastically increased this year and with talking to others in the industry, the flexibility to work remote will most likely continue through 2021 and beyond. Cloud technology allows those in your firm to access mission-critical data and software from anywhere, anytime. Not only is this vital right now, but if/when travel picks back up having your technology in the cloud will make access for your staff seamless on any device. 

The costs of cloud technology provides firms an amazing opportunity to ditch the large upfront software costs, and start utilizing predictable monthly costs. Cloud technology ensures lower costs through higher utilization and scale. As previously mentioned, the equipment needed to establish and maintain an on-premise technology can become costly because it requires: servers, storage drives, firewalls, cables, networking gear, power and energy costs, etc.

Law firms went from slowly making the shift to enterprise cloud-based platforms in 2019 and early 2020 to a quick momentum pick up throughout this year, which will no doubt continue into 2021 and beyond.  More firms look to leverage the cloud technology to increase to lower costs, allow flexibility, increase productivity, and boost client satisfaction. The speed at which the legal industry changes will only be enhanced by the effects of the pandemic and cloud technology will be a significant part of legal technology and the future of law.

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