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Legal Industry Forever Changed?

Posted by Carly Wilson on Fri, Apr 24, 2020

Legal Industry Forever Changed?

by Carly Wilson / April 24, 2020

If one good thing could come from the coronavirus, it would be the way the legal industry has quickly adapted to technology! A viral outbreak should not be the reason we finally and fully embrace technology and online legal tools, but it is definitely one step in the right direction for legal. Sure, technology is convenient and absolutely necessary right now for firms to run successfully. But what happens when the virus fades? Will law firms return to the status quo?

The past few weeks have been filled with uncertainty and fear. While it still remains unclear when things will return to normal, it is evident that this pandemic helped to accelerate some long-term trends. The truth is that the adoption of technology at law firms has been growing, but it has been a very slow growth. Without a doubt, there will be some lasting effects on corporate cultures and the way firms practice law. The coronavirus already began to turbocharge the legal industry's transformation and it will propel law into the digital age.

Sudden change creates an opportunity for growth!

1. Remote Work- while remote work is nothing new to business. Law firms have always clung to the traditional way of doing things. There are several reasons why business is turning to more remote workforces including greater job satisfaction, enhanced productivity, and more efficient use of company resources. After a quick switch where it was necessary to figure out how to run a successful firm from home, firms now know they can too adopt remote work.

2. Embracing Technology- many legal technology tools have been available to firms for years. Some have embraced the technology and allowed it to give them a leg up, while others sat back and waited. It's now necessary to rely on these tools in order to run a successful firm. This blog post wrapped up some of the top legal tech tools to help your firm best serve your clients.

Law Firm Business Intelligence

3. Agility & Adaptability- Within a few days the "that's just how its done" and "we've done it this way for years" were completely out the window. As firms were forced to adapt and change there were definitely road blocks and hiccups along the way, but ultimately it showed us that when we come together we can embrace those industry shifts to a more modern era for legal. Such a sudden change created an opportunity for growth. Law firms have been forced to make changes that they didn’t feel were worth the risk before. If we are able to make the most of this time and evolution then the legal technology industry can be on stronger footing than ever before.

Remote work, stay at home orders and social distancing have created a new workplace social dynamic. We visit virtually with business colleagues at home. They see or hear our pets, kids, partners, and spouses as we do theirs. The human side is on display and interaction is more relaxed. The line that divided our work and personal lives has become blurred. This might be the start of law’s cultural reboot!

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