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Legal BI by the numbers: How to reach a 92% Partner Adoption Rate

Posted by Carly Wilson on Fri, Mar 30, 2018

Legal BI by the numbers: How to reach a 92% Partner Adoption Rate

by Carly Wilson / March 30, 2018

You may hear great reviews about law firm business intelligence (BI) software and how amazing it is. It has all the bells and whistles; it’s fast, has integration with almost all other legal software, and a ton of unique features. It might even be included as an add-on to your time and billing system. That’s great, so you (law firm administration) allocate a portion of your budget this year to purchasing it to make not only your life easier, but everyone else’s at the firm. Business Intelligence for Law FirmsFast forward two years, it's placed on everyone’s computers, but nothing has changed. Your attorneys are still asking for information and reports monthly, weekly, even daily. But why?? You sign into the usage tables and it only shows 3% of the firm is using it, and that's it's just administration. You suddenly think "WHAT A WASTE!"

...Can you relate? 

Legal BI applications should be created with the lawyer, partner, attorney, associate in mind.

And what do attorneys want?... Simple solutions.

What does that mean?

  • Not having to log into multiple applications
  • Something that is fast (no one wants to wait for information to load)
  • Everything on one screen
  • All information accessible in one to two clicks
  • Easy to learn and use

Every law firm is different, and there is not a one-size-fits all solution. So what is most important is to find a law firm specific BI vendor that has background in the legal industry and understands what they are doing. From there, provide the application to a small pilot group, make modifications as necessary, and then release it to the entire firm. Although this may seem like a small insignificant step, getting feedback from a few individuals before you give access to the entire firm allows you to get the information necessary to make your law firm’s version of the application much more relatable to your culture. The decision to adopt any technology is essentially driven by the user’s needs and the technology’s ease of use.

Law Firm AnalyticsIf your CFO, CEO, COO, accounting and finance teams are looking for a new business intelligence software (or any software for that matter). They are looking for it because they understand the value of it, and need (or want) it. Most of the times, these individuals are also viewing the product demos and on the decision making teams for choosing the applications. So, obviously they are going to use them daily. The important group you want understanding the value and utilizing them is the attorneys. Once they see the value and use them daily, your ROI has been met.

At BigSquare we understand the importance of a BI application that is robust enough for administration, but also simple enough for attorneys. With our highly configurable dashboard, easy to use admin console, and security restrictions by role, we are confident we have found that sweet spot.

law firm biConfident, How? Not only, do our fantastic clients have their own stories….

...But most importantly data doesn’t lie.

Our 92% Partner/Attorney adoption rate proves it all true.

We know how important it is in the legal industry to get opinions from peers. So, don’t take it from us...

“In a matter of a few weeks the dashboard has already begun to save an incredible amount of time. Instead of endlessly building SQL queries for one-off reports, we are now able to focus on firm level analysis, forecasts for hours and collections that have already begun to go to the COO and other firm management.” 
-Financial Planning & Analysis Manager

“In the end, what made our decision was the intuitive design and ease-of-use of the dashboard. We desperately needed to simplify our reporting and we felt BigSquare did just that.” 
-CFO, AM 100 Firm 

“BigSquare has been a very helpful addition to our firm and allows us to monitor our timekeepers' activity in real-time in order to maximize our efficiency and make sure that we are appropriately and efficiently representing our clients.” 
-Managing Partner

 So the big question... how do I reach a 92% partner adoption rate? Find software that your attorneys like, and will use. It's all about something that provides robust information but presents it simply and is easy to use. 


BigSquare is the leading provider of Business Intelligence for law firms and professional service organizations.  We focus exclusively on law firm reporting, law firm BI, law firm profitability and law firm analytics.

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