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Law Firms are Quickly Moving to the Cloud - Don't Be the Last One!

Posted by Samantha E. Whetstone on Mon, Mar 14, 2022

Law Firms are Quickly Moving to the Cloud - Don't Be the Last One!

by Samantha E. Whetstone / March 14, 2022

The cloud is not a new thing, but the law industry has been resistant to reliance on this tool for a long time. But now, that tide is turning and it is becoming more and more evident that the switch to cloud-based systems is the future - as detailed in the recent blog, Why Legal Technology is Inevitably Moving to the Cloud, by Lawyer Monthly.  Many law firms have thought of the cloud as an alternative option, but what we are seeing now is that this isn’t a splitting of paths but a narrowing. And while some law firms will likely hang on to their in-house systems as long as possible, the reality is that it is only a matter of time before they too will have to take part in the transition. The pressures of client-demand and cost-reduction benefits steadily grow and switching later, rather than sooner, will only mean they are behind and struggling to catch up. 

Don’t let your law firm fall into this scenario!       

Why are Law Firms Resistant to the Cloud?

The number one reason that law firms choose to avoid the cloud partially or completely and maintain in-house systems, is security concerns. And rightly so - in the law business, what is more important than protecting your clients’ privacy and anonymity needs?

But the reality is, every system has its weaknesses, even in-house systems. Nothing is completely secure. But, technology has, and continues to, advance in ways that are making the cloud far more secure and reliable than in the past, even surpassing in-house systems, while also cutting costs, accessibility, and overall improving performance. 

shutterstock_1070669687The Benefits of the Cloud: Why this Trend is Here to Stay

With a whopping 78% of law firms storing client data in the cloud, ranging from small firms to the biggest ones in the business, this trend is clearly not going away. But why? Why this steady and inevitable trend towards the cloud? The reality is, the benefits are just too good to not take advantage of, and to keep competing in the industry, eventually, everyone will have to join. But what are these advantages and how could the cloud benefit your law firm? 

It’s more efficient:
The cloud allows you to streamline and automate many of those time-consuming tasks such as matter management, billing, scheduling, etc. Accessibility is another enormous asset as legal teams can access files and data at any time from anywhere. The importance of this has been doubly highlighted during this era of increased remote work. 

It’s more reliable:

With constant automated back-ups and secondary servers, the cloud provides reliability that simply cannot be matched by in-house systems. If a system fails, there is always a backup to reduce the risk of data loss and reduce downtime. And gone are the days of lost data and files due to human error and forgetfulness - everything is synced and updated continuously and automatically. 

shutterstock_400915261It cuts costs:

Maintaining an in-house system means a whole tech team dedicated to maintaining that system and ensuring its smooth and seamless functioning. With the cloud, all that maintenance is a thing of the past. Furthermore, when your law firm grows and expands, scaling up is seamless without the need to invest in more equipment or tech employees. 

The Bottom Line: Make the Switch

If you’ve been putting off switching to a cloud-based Business Intelligence system, now is the time because waiting only means falling behind. The sooner you join the trend, the sooner you begin reaping the benefits. 

And when it comes to getting set up with the best cloud-based Business Intelligence system, there is nowhere better to turn than BigSquare. As the leading provider in the industry and the ONLY company that offers cloud, you can trust us to seamlessly transition your firm to the cloud utilizing Saas. 

Contact us today to learn more about how your law firm can benefit from a cloud-based Business Intelligence system with BigSquare. 

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