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From Fearful to Fearless

Posted by Carly Wilson on Fri, Jun 19, 2020

From Fearful to Fearless

by Carly Wilson / June 19, 2020

I know it seems like ancient history, but it was only 3 months ago that stay at home orders and shutdowns of businesses occurred. Then against all odds, the legal industry rose to the occasion and began to rapidly adopt technology at rates never before seen and truly modernized the practice of law.

This blog post shares three ways those adaptions can lead to law firm growth

Will we eventually return to the legal world that once was? I don't think we will. I believe that many of the changes we’ve made are already setting in motion changes that will permanently reconfigure the legal landscape. As terrible and painful as this crisis has been for so many individuals, families, and businesses, I think that many of the changes that will emerge out of it will improve the legal industry. 

Take a look at 3 ways I think the legal system will both fundamentally and permanently change for the better as the result of COVID-19:

1. Lawyers will no longer see technology as something to be feared

law firm business intelligenceIn a matter of months, any lawyers who still had fears of technology have come to see it as a lifeline to the survival of their practices and a way for them to continue to serve their clients. Moving forward, having lawyers fearlessly utilize tools will fundamentally reshape the legal profession’s use and adoption of technology.

Thankfully even though some individuals and firms in the industry were resistant to change, the legal tech community has continued to expand over the past decade, and there are many legal technology tools in place to make life easier for both individual attorneys and law firms. Read more about the top legal tech tools. Many of the tech tools were implemented because of the necessity to empower remote work, but they are having a far more important effect. Law firms who are updating their technology are becoming more productive, and that is a huge competitive edge they’ve gained. 

2. Lawyers will no longer see innovation as a threat

Even before this pandemic hit, the legal industry was slowly starting to transition to utilizing new models and methods of delivering legal services such as new technology or utilizing cloud servicesBut the pandemic quickly advanced that adoption. This had already become clear to many, but there will be no going back.

Webinars were already gaining traction, but now virtual conferences are of utmost importance to stay updated on industry trends and networking events. Up to this point the legal industry has been a very traditional hand shake, meet in person type of business, but the success and value from a virtual conference is undeniable. For more information on making the most out of a virtual conference, take a look at this blog post. 

3. Lawyers will deliver more services remotely and online

For lawyers who firms were already more technologically advanced, transitioning to working from home was not as big of a hurdle. In recent years, many firms, especially larger firms, were already encouraging flexible, remote working arrangements. Now, firms and other companies are seeing that they can go remote on a scale they never anticipated and still function just as productive. Legal professionals can serve more clients by meeting with them remotely, and do it at both a greater convenience and lower cost. Remote meetings will become more the norm and less the exception. There is no doubt that physical downsizing will be a lasting impact of this crisis. This blog post and podcast shares some top tips from a Managing Partner on how he has transitioned his firm to a remote-friendly work environment and what tools has helped to operate efficiently. 

law firm BI

The times are changing and more rapidly than most expected. Many of us entered the pandemic thinking it was a fact of survival. “How will I ride this out and get to the other side?” We have now all come to realize that the "other side" is not going to be a return to what we once knew. We’re in a year of innovation and change, and all of us are searching for the “new normal” that will redefine how we do business. No doubt it will be defined by technology and those who embrace it. There is always the positive side to any situation. Part of it will be the triumph of law firms and businesses overcoming adversity. This undoubtedly will come from the courage of leaders who see opportunity when others see obstacles. A great book "The Obstacle Is The Way" by Ryan Holiday is very relevant right now for almost anyone during these times. Find new pathways and prepare for the unknown by updating your technological capabilities! Don’t be left behind in what lies ahead of us.


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