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5 Tips to Help You Roll Out New Technology at Your Law Firm

Posted by Carly Wilson on Thu, Sep 19, 2019

5 Tips to Help You Roll Out New Technology at Your Law Firm

by Carly Wilson / September 19, 2019

It's no secret that technology has and will continue to expand and evolve. We have seen a drastic increase in law firms (slowly, but surely) transitioning and updating their software and processes. It's pretty remarkable where technology has come from in the past 10 years. While it takes quite a bit of effort to keep up with latest tech trends, after our recent trip to ILTACON discussing all things legal tech, we see law firms are embracing that change. Firms stand to gain a lot by having the insight to implement new technology at the right time. Technology makes operations more efficient, enhances security, and saves you time on monotonous tasks.

camera-coffee-composition-1509428If you’ve recognized the need to implement new technology in your firm, what's most important is to make sure you choose the right tool and develop a solid roll-out strategy. While many of your staff members will agree with your decision, some of them will have a hard time adopting the new tech. These 5 tips will help you support your staff and start your firm off on the right foot:


1. Understand and acknowledge where your staff is coming from
Not everyone at your firm is going to fall into the early adopter or innovator categories. Some of them will be skeptical of the tech’s projected impact or be unwilling to learn how to use it. To be honest, you may have some that are stuck in their ways and may never adopt. You can address these concerns by presenting data about how the technology has helped other firms and provide the necessary support every step of the way, read case studies and ask for references from the technology vendor. You’ll have had to conduct thorough research on the tool you want to implement, know the problem(s) it’ll solve, and get buy-in from decision-makers. Here are a few tools that may be helpful on that research:
          Selecting a legal BI tool for your law firm
          Case Studies for Business Intelligence at law firms

2. Communicate with your stafffacial-expression-furnitures-indoors-1595387
Communication is key! Announce the new product and roll-out schedule in your next staff meeting. Walk your employees through the need for the change and give an overview of the product, including what it does, how it works, and who will be impacted. Discussing these things will warm them up to it and will increase the adoption rate. Some firms chose to do a pilot group first to gain user adoption and have advocates for the technology for when the full firm roll-out occurs. This article shares how you can reach a 92% adoption rate for new technology with your partners.

3. Empower your staff
Empower one (or a small group) of your employees to “own” the new tool. This person or group will act as a resource for your staff during the on-boarding and training processes and help to keep the roll-out running smoothly.

4. Execute your roll-out plan
Once you’ve introduced the new technology and enabled your staff to use it, mandate firm wide training. At BigSquare we provide all clients user guides to share with staff members to ensure all questions are answered and resources are on hand for easy use of our BI dashboards. While I can't speak to other legal technology companies, I can make the assumption that many of them have these types of guides as well. It's important to make sure you explain the best features and create a public channel for additional FAQ’s. Accommodate different learning styles – including visual, auditory, and reading/writing – in your methods to maximize retention and the value of your training.

5. Track your progress
Investing so much time, energy, and money in your new technology isn’t worth anything if you don’t measure the impact it has on your firm. It's important to set goals for what you hope to accomplish with it based on industry benchmarks, take note of improvements, and adjust the goals as technology continues to advance.

Implementing new technology in your firm takes a lot of work, but it pays off if it revamps your processes, enhances your client relationships, or increases profitability and productivity. With a carefully crafted roll-out strategy, the right legal technology solution will make a noticeable difference in your firm’s performance and provide quick ROI. In this article one of our clients share their top tips for A Path to a Successful BI Implementation. While it is specific to BI some of the principles can be used for any other legal technology. Do you have any tips for a successful roll-out of new technology at your firm? I invite you to share in the comments below for a open discussion on legal tech!


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