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5 Things to Consider Before Buying New Software

Posted by Carly Wilson on Fri, Jun 26, 2020

5 Things to Consider Before Buying New Software

by Carly Wilson / June 26, 2020

Now more than ever, we have learned how important technology is to help run your law firm successfully while working remote. In today's increasingly competitive, technology-driven world, firms are looking to improve their activity and productivity by leveraging benefits offered by the legal technology world of software. The market is very diverse, with products that can serve almost every possible need. Choosing the right kind of software is absolutely essential for your law firm's success. Before you make a decision, be sure to carefully weigh all of the available information and consider all implications of the purchase.

But how do you go about making the right decision on what legal technology software to buy? 

legal bi software

Is your current software outdated? Take a look at these tips to find out. OR Are you looking to invest in a new tool? This list provides the top legal tech tools to help with remote work. Either way, here are 5 things to consider before buying software. Most importantly use these tips to help guide your firm so you feel confident when making the final decision on what to add to your tech stack!


1. Know your goals 

Law firms purchase technology because they need a to new tool to help fix or improve a process. Before investing in a new software, it's important to know precisely what your strategic goals are and what pain points you are intending to address. Make a list and be sure the software checks off all of your wants and needs.

2. When is the new update coming out?

The best legal tech companies are continually updating their software. When you are talking with vendors it's important to ask how often new updates are pushed out. Ask if there is a new version right around the corner. Ask questions like: How easily can our firm upgrade? How much will it cost? Will it impact our version when we upgrade, and if so how long would we expect it to be down?

3. Talk to your peers

law firm business intelligenceAnytime you are buying a piece of software or getting a service that your firm is going to rely on you NEED to talk to people who are already using it. The absolute best insight on how a tool works, would be someone at another firm! A vendor that has published case studies, shares client testimonials and quotes and provides references is one you can trust. Take time to do your research and talk with your peers who use the product to get their opinion. Don't make the decision on price alone, instead incorporate reputation, and references into the decision making process. 

4. How many resources do we need to provide?

Ask what the implementation timeline and process looks like. See how many people and resources from your team will be needed for a successful implementation. Planning ahead will ensure you are able to get the software up and running quickly. 

5. Is it compatible with my current software?

Integration and compatibility are key with software. If the vendor already has experience with your current software it will make it easier and a less time consuming implementation process. If a solution doesn't work with your current setup then you need to ask if it is possible, will it take more time, or is it something that just can't be done. The decision should successfully add to your existing systems and improve overall operations. 

While taking these 5 items into consideration, you will still need to do your due diligence before spending a chunk of change on new legal technology software. Weigh the pros against the cons and be sure you are getting value for your money. Once you decide what software your firm needs, use these 5 tips to help you successfully roll out new technology at your law firm! 

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