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3 Tips to Increase Productivity with Digital Technology

Posted by Samantha E. Whetstone on Fri, Sep 11, 2020

3 Tips to Increase Productivity with Digital Technology

by Samantha E. Whetstone / September 11, 2020

Any lawyer would say that their most important goal is providing the best of the best legal advice and service to their clients. Happy clients = returning clients and new referrals. But it's also very important that you are managing your law firm like a business to continue to grow. Adapting to technology will certainly give you a competitive advantage.

Technology is powerful. It’s time for lawyers to embrace it and utilize it to their advantage because it is truly a great way to set up your firm for a successful future. The use of digital technologies will not only enhance the productivity of your firm but will also save both time and money. 

Tip 1: Move to the Cloud

Cloud solutions can help with a considerable cost savings for your firm because there is no need to purchase your own servers, data storage, and other on-premise hardware. It also helps to reduce the time your IT staff spends to maintain the on-premise system. This helps to lower your up-front investment, and with any software that is an important consideration for firms. With the cloud you do not need to move any on-premises hardware with you to access the technology. Given what this year has brought with many working from various locations, this is definitely important. Firms moving their technology to the cloud might just be one of the greatest shifts in legal technology, read more about that shift in this blog post discussing the cloud. 


Tip 2: Maximize your Mobility

legalBIAs just mentioned, mobility is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Law firms need access to applications whether in the office, at home, in mediation, or in court. It's important to be sure that the legal technology your firm chooses can be accessed on any device at any time-- whether it be a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Using a search feature-- which many legal technologies have-- saves tons of time. Imagine searching through thousands of files, or a stack of hundreds of papers vs. typing in a few letters or numbers to view that document you need. With that being said, also be sure the applications are consistent across phones, tablets, and desktops. Your employees will be less productive and satisfied if the application usage is drastically different on different devices.


Tip 3: Simplicity is Key

Years ago it was expected that with any new digital technology there would be a lot of training, a steep learning curve, and difficult interfaces. But with the new adoption of technology, especially in the legal industry, many have learned that interfaces can be intuitive and simple, and make your job much easier. By leaning into and utilizing the technology the way it was made, it helps to simplify all processes and ultimately frees up time to work on other items. The legal industry went from fearful to fearless and started embracing technology this year. It's now necessary to rely on these tools in order to run a successful firm. By making sure your technology and training is simple, you will have better adoption and your technology can do what its meant to do, help your firm improve the way you work.


Following these three tips: moving to the cloud, maximize mobility, and keeping it simple along with the right technology should make your job easier, reduce costs, and allow you to deliver better services to your clients.




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