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2020 Wrapped

Posted by Samantha E. Whetstone on Tue, Dec 22, 2020

2020 Wrapped

by Samantha E. Whetstone / December 22, 2020

Join us again this year for BigSquare's biggest news, updates, and events all wrapped up in one blog post! First and foremost, we want to thank all of our clients. We are lucky to work with such a fantastic group of law firms and legal professionals. Given everything that occurred, 2020 was a good year at BigSquare.

Company & Client Growth

The BigSquare team like many others in the legal industry has kept communication, collaboration, and flexibility at the forefront of our minds. Through what has been a year of growth and change we are happy to have continued to serve our existing clients with the best legal business intelligence software, add more law firms to our expanding client base, and grown our team here at BigSquare. Not only do we have current clients coming back for more of our applications and taking advantage of our upgrades and product enhancements, but we also have new firms join as clients. 

We love to hear what our clients have to say about our BI products, and of course share their thoughts with you as well. This year we featured two clients on our website and collaborated to create case studies.

The first was Leech Tishman, a 100+ Timekeeper ProLaw Firm that was looking to find a BI solution to develop reports on crucial data that they were unable to retrieve from ProLaw. Leech Tishman also wanted to provide firm members ready access to key data as well as develop and publish key metrics that measure performance. BigSquare's applications gave them that and much more.  In their case study, we discuss why this Pittsburgh law firm decided to implement the SaaS model of BigSquare's business intelligence solution. Our case study also highlights why this firm chose BigSquare for their BI needs over the other legal BI vendors.

Our other case study was with McNees, Wallace & Nurick is a 150+ Timekeeper Aderant law firm located in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. They kicked off the beginning of 2020 with a steady trajectory of growth and profitability but in March, Coronavirus began having a devastating impact on lives and businesses across the globe. McNees’ management immediately began preparing for the likelihood of shutting down the physical offices. Necessary tools and processes, including business intelligence (BI) applications through BigSquare, assisted in the successful transition to the working from home environment. Many firms faced the same challenges as McNees, some may already have BI tools in place, while others are seeking a solution to monitor daily activity. As a leader in the legal business intelligence space, we offer a client testimonial from a well-respected law firm on how business intelligence has aided them during their work from home transition. Read more about their experience here.


Product Updates

Our developers are always hard at work to implement new clients, upgrade existing, and continue with new development for product updates. The team added many new enhancements to our Attorney Analytics, Firm Focus (Profitability), and Matter Management applications. To name a few:

  • Advanced matter tracking
  • More flexibility in creating budgets
  • New Alerting Features
  • Additional Requested Tools
  • Power Cube Reporting Updates
  • And MUCH MORE!

If you are interested in learning more about our applications, please request a demo and our team would be happy to share with you these examples and all of the other features.

We have also seen a tremendous growth and interest in cloud technology. We were the first legal BI vendor to deliver a true hosted SaaS model and are proud to continue to provide that offering for new clients. Our model has been up and running for over two years now, but this year we've had even more clients choose the subscription cloud route. If you're still wondering more about the cloud and if it's for your firm, these three articles about the legal trends, specifically cloud offerings provide additional insight: 

Conferences & Events

Our sales and marketing team took a large pivot from travel for conferences and events to navigating virtual networking and conferences. The typical flights, booth setups, and hotel stays transitioned into zoom roundtables and virtual-reality exhibit halls. It was definitely a new experience and not the same environment as an in-person event, but we were still excited to sponsor some of the same events we usually travel to year after year:.

Aderant's Virtual Momentum
P3's Virtual Experience
COO & CFO Forum

We consider ourselves experts at law firm business intelligence, profitability, analytics, and reporting, but we also have some tips up our sleeve for you going into next year for your virtual conferences or networking events you attend:

The BigSquare team always looks forward to connecting with new faces, and also catching up with some of our clients when we attend these conferences and hope that sometime in the future we will be able to continue those events from some place other than behind a computer screen. 

In addition to the virtual conferences, this year we also teamed up with one of our Pittsburgh clients, Leech Tishman, to host a client lunch and learn session. We had 30+ attendees from various firms across the US and abroad, the majority of them being firm management. The session kicked off with BigSquare's CEO, Joshua Bignell and attendees spent the remainder of the lunch hour hearing from Everett Burn's experience with business intelligence at Leech Tishman, specifically BigSquare's applications. Three items that were absolute "must-haves" with a BI tool for them were that the data has to be visual, the data has to be relatable to attorneys, and the data needs to be actionable. While no one really predicted what the past 6+ months have been, we have all learned to adapt. Everett shared during the lunch and learn "this type of BI dash-board has been absolutely essential for our business during these times." He is definitely not our only client that has shared similar thoughts. The BigSquare team enjoyed the time spent connected with other legal professionals!

With the success and positive feedback from this event we are anxious to host our next virtual lunch and learn! What topic would you like to hear about next?!


What's to come?

Now that this industry has navigated work from home, and many changes that 2020 brought, we are looking forward to a new year full of growth at BigSquare.  As 2020 wraps up the entire team at BigSquare wishes you a happy holiday season and a fantastic start to your new year!

2020 Wrapped Blog Post

BigSquare is the leading provider of Business Intelligence for law firms and professional service organizations.  We focus exclusively on law firm reporting, law firm BI, law firm profitability and law firm analytics.

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